In Greater Toronto Area, home owners can receive a rebate for completing specific work.

Rock Basements project manager can guide you through process and maximum money back.


In Toronto, home owners can receive up to $3400.00 in Rebates for completing recommended flood protection services in their house.

Rock Basements review and Licenses

Toronto Subsidy - Flood Protection

Sump Pump


It is a mechanism that collects water from previously installed weeping tile around perimeter of the house during waterproofing.

On average, sump pump installation costs around $2200 and rebate can get home owners up to 80% money back.

Several variations of sump pumps exist and additional battery back up can make it more expensive.

Backwater Valve


The main purpose of installing backwater valve is to prevent sewer back up from city towards the house and flooding it.

The cost to install backwater valve on main sewer line is $1600 and similar to sump pump, city refunds up to 80% of the cost.

Replacing blocked drains in the basement with installation of backwater valve can get you a better deal on combined work.

Weeping Tile


One of the steps in waterproofing process is installation of weeping tile to collect and redirect all incoming water.

It is installed on the exterior or interior side of footings, at the very bottom of basement foundation wall.

It works as a flooding prevention device in homes where water is a possible threat for deeper homes with basement area.

What Services Include
Rebates for Home Owners

1. Basement Waterproofing: The whole rebate is about basement floor protection and waterproofing the basement with proper steps and the right contractors can get you those rebates.

2. Underpinning: During lowering basement, waterproofing of the walls is always included in the scope of work. Because all drain pipes are being replaced anyways, it makes sense to add backwater valve with sump pump.

3. Home Addition: Typically home addition involves renovation of existing basement space. If your foundation is not waterproofed yet we can get that done for you and receive all available rebates.

Where you can Get Rebates?



In Toronto, home owners can receive the highest rebates from city for completing basement flood protection work.

Click this link for more information: Toronto Flood Protection Program



In Halton, there has been a similar program added for home owners to claim money back on completed waterproofing work.

Find all related information here: Halton Flood Protection Program



Mississauga and Peel Region offer slightly less appealing but still valuable program for installation of backwater valve.

Read more about possible rebates here: Backwater Valve Program in Peel

Kate Pona
Waterproofing and sump pump
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I called several companies for estimating fixing basement wall leak and getting rid of moisture. These guys gave me estimate right away during visit and recommended few things. They also helped us get city rebate. Recommend 5+
ALBO Renovations
ALBO Renovations
Underpinning contractors
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We have been working with Rock Basements for several years and contract them for underpinning projects. They do it all, waterproofing, cut outs, walkouts and do it pretty good!
Basement walkout & concrete
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Ivan estimated our walkout from basement with extra concrete work outside faster than everyone. He also helped us with revision of structural detail that saved us some money. Great overall service and finish wrok.
Working together
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Our company interacts with Rock basements on many jobs. We have been doing plumbing after them on many renovation projects and installing drain systems while they excavate basements. Its been easy and pleasant cooperation every time.
Davi C.
Back home addition
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this company did a great job with addition of our house. We hired them to excavate, do footings, foundation walls and concrete floor. This all happened so fast and we just continued from there with framing. Amazing to deal with and very responsive company.
Jenna K.
Basement underpinning
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our home in highpark had very low basement with old foundation walls. Everyone who came to estimate said it was complicated and gave us high price. Rock basements seemed very confident and easy going. It looked like it was a regular project for them and they completed underpinning within 5 weeks.
VeraLinea Design Studio
VeraLinea Design Studio
Basement lowering & additions
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Rock Basements is our go to company when clients ask for referring good rear addition or basement lowering company. We have referred them many times and our clients seem to be extremely satisfied with their work.
Josh L.
Full house waterproofing
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Rock did our home waterproofing with installing sump pump and water valve. Amazing work and i still wonder how they managed to do it only in 4 days.
underpinning with permit
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Everyone told us that getting permits is a nightmare after covid, but rock basements assured us they could do it only within 2 month. We were so surprised! and actual work lasted 6 weeks after permits. if anyone has doubts in them, than sop - they are great
Adam Vik
basement legal unit
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our architect suggested lowering basement by 2.5 feet so we could later apply for basement separate unit. Rock basements did just that within only a month. it was easy to work with and they explained all the details as they were working on footings and walls

How to Get
City Rebate?

Hire Licensed Contractor

To claim rebates for any work, it has to be completed by licensed contractors that are eligible for reimbursement.

You simply cannot claim anything if waterproofing or other flood protection project was completed on your own.

These companies (like Rock Basements) are reviewed annually and are in the city books for this type of work.

Rock Basements can complete and fill out a form for basement floor protection subsidy in Toronto, Halton or Peel.

City Inspection

Although not every type of work requires inspection, most of steps that are in for rebates need city official to look at it.

It is a quick non structural inspection for inspectors to see that work was completed on appropriate manner and sufficient quality.

Our project manager will schedule inspection upon completion of each stage and attend on the date of.

All reports and inspections will be forwarded to home owner for future records.

Complete Work

The most important step in claiming rebate is obviously completing things that are subsidized. 

You cant simply ask city for money without finishing the work, or if it was completed prior to purchasing the property.

Rock Basement team will finish all necessary work and details to guarantee rebate.

Fill Out Rebate Forms

All the forms for rebates are available for download and fill out on city website.

When working with Rock Basements you do not have to move a muscle as our guys take full care of it.

We will simply need some personal information of home owners and it will be filled out.

Frequently Asked Questions

There are several reasons for not getting the rebate from city within their specific subsidy programs.

  1. When work was completed before you purchased a house, but you claim it to be yours. Previous owner may have already received it.
  2. When work is completed by company that is not eligible for subsidy. Always make sure to hire licensed professionals.
  3. When city no longer offers specific rebates or you are located outside of their covered area.
  4. When work is not completed up to the standards and city inspector does not pass it.

After work is fully completed and inspected it is time to fill out all forms for rebate and send them to the city.

That is something we have no control of and cannot predict the speed of city processing everything.

Typically in Toronto home owners get their rebate within several weeks and the longest one we have seen is two month.

Follow up with city for status if rebates does not come soon.

The rebates in Toronto are calculated with a simple formula of maximum coverage and maximum amount of money spent on the work.

There is no in-between and half approved work.

City of Toronto will cover up to $3400 for 3 steps of flood protection, but will cover only up to 80% of the bill.

For example installation of sump pump cost was $1500.

Even though maximum rebate for this service is $1750, the city will cover only 80% of $1500 which is only $1200.

Our company does mostly underpinning, waterproofing and hard construction for home addition.

We can only provide documentation and help with available rebates for our specific work and within our eligibility.

There are other rebates home owners can apply for on their own such as HST rebate for substantial renovation projects and energy efficiency rebates.

Licensed companies that work and register in Toronto can apply for their customers and get rebates.

Rock Basements needs to pass annual test for knowledge and experience of workers to get approved for drain replacement license.

General contractors may have similar ability to apply for rebates, but have to be registered as well with annual fees.

Yes, most of the work that city gives money back for is inspected by city inspector.

If previous owner has already received rebates for flood protection of the basement in Toronto, it would be registered and automatically denied if you reapply.

Our team books and attends for all inspections to make sure it is properly completed and approved for home owners to receive rebate.