Basement Underpinning Contractors Toronto


Basement Underpinning Contractors Toronto

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Who We Are

Rock Basements provide quality and dependability basement underpinning, waterproofing, and concrete works across the Greater Toronto Area. With more than a decade in the industry, we’re adept at handling complex structural jobs, transforming unusable spaces into legal income units. We serve a diverse clientele including builders, contractors, homeowners, and investors, providing unparalleled service with every project. At Rock Basements, we don’t just complete jobs, we craft durable living spaces, backed by a robust warranty for your peace of mind.

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What is Basement Lowering?

Basement lowering is more than just a home improvement project. It’s a strategic investment into the value, functionality, and longevity of your property. So, what does basement lowering involve? It’s a structural renovation process that extends the foundation walls downwards by excavating soil, thereby increasing your basement’s ceiling height. This transformation can convert an underutilized or even unusable space into a comfortable living area. It can turn a low-height cellar into a guest room, home office, fitness area, or a separate unit for generating rental income.

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From Concept to a Perfect Basement


Our dedicated team of architects works quickly and accurately to create a first-class basement design that matches your vision. They make it easy to pass the necessary inspections of beams, support pads, etc.

This provides an efficient design phase that saves you time and helps your project go according to plan. We understand the importance of design and work to ensure that it is at the highest level.


Safety and quality is at the core of our underpinning process. Our experienced team will deepen your basement to a legal and livable depth. This will maximize open space in your basement.

We can also install underfloor heating, waterproofing and drain systems during basement underpinning. The established foundation will serve you for decades. This is due to the quality of our work and warranty periods.


A separate walkout can be a game-changer when converting your basement into a living space. It will help create an additional level of privacy and convenience for the residents in the house.

This will create a separate exit from the basement and allow residents to avoid going through the entire house. Walkout will allow residents to delimit their living space as much as possible. The walkout will affect the value of your home which is nice when selling a home.

Basement Finishing

At Rock Basements we turn them into complete and comfortable living spaces. This includes setting up a new kitchen, building a cozy bedroom, or adding a handy bathroom.

Our finishing services cover everything, making sure that no detail is missed. Our goal is to transform your basement into a space where you can truly enjoy living. You can expect a basement transformation that exceeds your expectations and enhances your home's overall appeal.

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Lower Basement
Protect Foundation​

Underpinning: extend foundation walls down with excavating soil to increase basement ceiling height.

Excavation: Rock Basements can transform unusable crawl space or low height area into legal income unit!

Waterproofing: Protect Foundation walls from leaking and have dry basements for decades to enjoy.

Damp Proof: Install sump pump and backwater valve to prevent flooding and protect basement from incoming underground water.

Basement protection

Benefits of Working
With Us


Rock basements has been around for many years and have seen all types of basement underpinning and waterproofing projects. We are not afraid of complicated structural jobs that no-one wants to take.


Our company does only few types of work and all of them centered around basement foundation walls. Be it a waterproofing, concrete slab, basement walkout or underpinning.


We are what you call a true local company. We are located in Toronto are service clients almost around Greater Toronto Area. Our guys know type of homes, water tables and local bylaws.


Underpinning work in Toronto requires specific licenses to operate. Changing drain under concrete slab need license as well. We have all required documentation and insurance.

Rock Basements - Underpinning

When Can We Start?

We provide prompt services for all your Basement Underpinning, Waterproofing or Concrete Project needs in the Greater Toronto Area.

For extensive projects, we’re ready to initiate work within a month of finalizing the details. When it comes to smaller jobs, we’re able to get them underway even quicker, typically within 1-2 weeks, depending on the size and specific site conditions.

Our commitment is to align with your schedule and expectations, streamlining the process to ensure it’s as smooth and stress-free as possible. We understand the importance of timely execution and aim to provide a seamless experience from start to finish.

Reach out to us today and let’s start turning your basement into the space you’ve always dreamed of!

Architectural Service

Dealing with the architectural intricacies of basement renovations can often be overwhelming. If you’re starting a new underpinning project or need help with permits and drawings, our team is here to support you.

We’re equipped to create detailed architectural drawings tailored to your specific project. Additionally, we offer guidance and assistance in navigating the complexities of the permitting process. 

We have great expertise in submitting these drawings for city permits, ensuring all necessary paperwork is accurately completed and promptly submitted.

Typically, this process takes us just a few weeks, helping you kickstart your project without unnecessary delays. With our architectural services, you’ll feel confident and well-supported through every phase of renovation.


With Rock Basements, your project’s success is maintained well beyond its completion. We confidently back our work, offering you the assurance of extended durability through our comprehensive warranty. 

Once the structural work for underpinning is completed, we provide a warranty for all the work undertaken. This is our pledge of quality and testament to the confidence we have in our services.

We offer up to 15 years of warranty for basement lowering and walkouts. For waterproofing services, we extend this even further, providing a solid 25-year warranty.

With Rock Basements, you get more than a beautifully renovated basement. You receive peace of mind knowing that our workmanship is guaranteed for years to come. Call us today to learn more about our warranty provisions.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long has "Rock Basements" been working in GTA

For over 10 years our company has been working in Greater Toronto Area doing basement lowering projects and other concrete works.

Prior to establishing a company, our project managers worded in similar fields as subcontractors or regular workers.

Every year we get more experience and knowledge on more complicated projects that City of Toronto offers to us.

Do you work with builders or only home owners as clients?

Rock Basements works with builders, contractors, home owners and even investors.

It does not matter to us who is the owner or main representative of the project. We want to perform and complete underpinning or waterproofing job within specified time.

Call us today for an estimate and get a competitive price for outstanding work.

When can you start our project?

Our team is capable of taking larger projects and starting them within 2-4 weeks.

Smaller jobs such as waterproofing or basement walkouts we can begin within a week if weather lets us.

Underpinning of basement and benching requires city permit, which clients typically do not yet have when contacting us.

This process alone may take up to 4-6 weeks, within which we can adjust our schedules and start as soon as permit is on hands.

How does estimation and agreement process work?

Before starting or even considering basement underpinning project, home owners want to know at least approximate costs.

On our website you can find information and basic calculator that helps budgeting for all types of jobs.

If that is not enough, our team can guestimate your work by phone with basic information of your house and underpinning details.

To get exact cost and proposal our representative needs to visit a job and have permit or drawings for structural work. With proposal drafted we agree on specific scope of work that is compensated to Rock Basements.

Are you waterproofing or underpinning company?

This is a question we do get asked a lot by our clients – “are you a waterproofing or basement underpinning company?”. And we have to answer – Both.

We have brigades or teams that perform structural concrete work and are being sent out only towards basement lowering projects.

Also we have teams of 2-4 workers that only waterproof and damp proof basements in GTA.

Who should get the permit for underpinning and structural work?

For structural work such as basement lowering or addition of new walkout we definitely need permit to start the work.

We are able to assist in obtaining permit and even making architectural drawings necessary for being approved.

Often enough we are approached by clients that already have permits and we can take on the project with approved documentation. 

Regardless of who gets it our company is ready to assist and continue the work until its fully completed.

How big is your company?

Rock Basements has as low as 3 and as many as 12 operational crews, depending on season and business in Toronto.

Typically closer to to winter majority of waterproofing and basement walkout works are stopped or moved towards spring. We mostly perform interior work such as basement underpinning and other concrete projects.

During summer we expand and hire more people to be able to serve all clients in various types of work. In high seasons Rock basements can total 30 employees.

Which areas we serve for basement lowering and waterproofing?

Originally Rock Basements started in Toronto and now expended to entire GTA for basement waterproofing and underpinning projects.

As we say it has to make sense for company to travel large distance for specific jobs.

Typically we can travel up to 80 km away from Toronto for all types of work, but ask our project manager. Some material suppliers may not be as flexible as we are.

Can you help with permits, inspections and rebates?

Our team can help with all sorts of documentation for basement underpinning and waterproofing of foundation walls.

Architectural drawings and permit application may come with associated cost or as a deal with agreement for basement lowering.

Rebates and inspections are absolutely free and are assumed to be part of Rock Basements’ work.

Reasons to work with Rock Basements for lowering project.

There are many companies and contractors in Toronto that can do basement underpinning projects or waterproofing of foundation wall but here is why working with us is better:

  • Inhouse documents – we can complete your architectural drawings and get permits fast
  • Turnaround – Rock Basements can start your project within weeks or days and complete it extremely fast
  • Experience – we have been many years on the market and have worked with many builders or clients. Our company is know to take on complicated jobs and deliver on time.
Kate Pona
Waterproofing and sump pump
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I called several companies for estimating fixing basement wall leak and getting rid of moisture. These guys gave me estimate right away during visit and recommended few things. They also helped us get city rebate. Recommend 5+
ALBO Renovations
ALBO Renovations
Underpinning contractors
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We have been working with Rock Basements for several years and contract them for underpinning projects. They do it all, waterproofing, cut outs, walkouts and do it pretty good!
Basement walkout & concrete
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Ivan estimated our walkout from basement with extra concrete work outside faster than everyone. He also helped us with revision of structural detail that saved us some money. Great overall service and finish wrok.
Working together
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Our company interacts with Rock basements on many jobs. We have been doing plumbing after them on many renovation projects and installing drain systems while they excavate basements. Its been easy and pleasant cooperation every time.
Davi C.
Back home addition
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this company did a great job with addition of our house. We hired them to excavate, do footings, foundation walls and concrete floor. This all happened so fast and we just continued from there with framing. Amazing to deal with and very responsive company.
Jenna K.
Basement underpinning
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our home in highpark had very low basement with old foundation walls. Everyone who came to estimate said it was complicated and gave us high price. Rock basements seemed very confident and easy going. It looked like it was a regular project for them and they completed underpinning within 5 weeks.
John F.
Basement lowering & additions
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Rock Basements is my go to company when friends ask for referring good rear addition or basement lowering company. I have referred them 3 times and extremely satisfied with their work.
Josh L.
Full house waterproofing
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Rock did our home waterproofing with installing sump pump and water valve. Amazing work and i still wonder how they managed to do it only in 4 days.
underpinning with permit
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Everyone told us that getting permits is a nightmare after covid, but rock basements assured us they could do it only within 2 month. We were so surprised! and actual work lasted 6 weeks after permits. if anyone has doubts in them, than sop - they are great
Adam Vik
basement legal unit
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our architect suggested lowering basement by 2.5 feet so we could later apply for basement separate unit. Rock basements did just that within only a month. it was easy to work with and they explained all the details as they were working on footings and walls