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Waterproofing Cost Calculator

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Average Costs of
Basement Waterproofing

Type of Work Minimum Cost Maximum Cost

Interior Waterproofing

$80/ln ft
$180/ln ft

Exterior Waterproofing

$105/ln ft
$270/ln ft

Sump Pump Installation


Back Water Valve Installation


French Drain Installation

$140/ln ft
$300/ln ft

Foundation Crack Repair


Potential Rebates for
Basement Waterproofing

up to $1750 for Sump Pump: To prevent newly excavated basement, sump pump is recommended to install. It is almost free, if you count the rebate from the city after installation.

up to $1250 for Backwater Valve: It is very cost efficient to install backwater valve while all drains are replaced and soil is already dug out. This upgrade is almost free.

up to $400 for Weeping tile: For the entire cost of basement underpinning, this rebate is less than 1% of work, but every little bit helps.

Detailed about rebates and process – Click Here

Toronto Services

Concrete works and other
Services by Rock Basements

Areas We Serve



Our team performs basement underpinning mostly in Greater Toronto Area (where our office is located).

We are used to tight and complicated spaces to work around. Proud to serve the city of Toronto with what we do best!



Rock Basements goes as far as Halton Region to serve clients with underpinning and basement lowering services.

Many builders prefer underpinning with entire house renovation instead of building from the ground up in Oakville and Burlington.



Many buildings in Mississauga and Brampton are as old as some first neighbourhoods in Toronto area.

They have low height basements and crawlspaces that can be fully excavated to legal occupancy height.

Other Work to Consider

May not be included in quote

1. Window wells: Window openings in basements have high chance of water leak if not installed properly.  Window well protects it from snow and rain water.

2. Interior/Exterior Demolition: To properly waterproof foundation wall and install water resistant material our team may need to demolish some structures.

3. Sump Pump: It is almost automatic to set up sump pump with basement waterproofing. We charge for it but home owners get city rebate.

4.Backwater Valve: With sewage replacement, backwater valve protects entire system from backups that may come from outside the house.

5. Sewer Drains: When basement is unfinished, but house is old, we suggest replacing floor drains to ensure it from breaking.

Basement Waterproofing Cost Factors


Just like any construction work, access plays a big part in pricing the job.

Imagine digging around the house by hand where distance to neighbour is only 3 feet with concrete walkway.

Large lot houses are easier to work with and small excavators can be used.


It is understandable that the more you have to dig down to protect basement foundation from water the more it will cost.

Some basements are taller or originally placed deeper by builder.

They cost slightly more to waterproof than less dropped foundation walls.


Another factor in cost for basement waterproofing in Toronto is soil type.

This factor has to be considered with several other ones together.

For example, sandy soil is easier to excavate, but deep excavations will cave in and extra shoring is necessary for this work.


The bigger the job, the less it will cost per linear foot of foundation wall to waterproof.

An average job in Toronto is 700 sq ft and 5 feet tall full basement Exterior waterproofing with installation of sump pump.

Jobs less than that will have higher average cost for same type waterproofing.


There are only two types of waterproofing, which are interior and exterior.

Interior is less expensive due to less digging, but may have additional cost for demolition and extra inconvenience for occupiers.

Exterior waterproofing in Toronto costs higher per linear foot of foundation wall.


As any other business, location is one of most significant factors while pricing.

Local projects are easy to take on and finish in time, but some downtown structures may be more complicated to access.

Distant jobs need more days to finish due to time spent for travel.

Projects Completed Last Year



Payments for
Basement Waterproofing

Accepted Payments

Our company is willing to work with clients and accept most of regular payment methods.

Waterproofing work can be paid with cheque, cash, visa card or even a bank transfer.

Online payments could also be an option for full or parts of work. Ask our project manager about details.

Additional Costs

Before project starts we agree on specific cost and amount of work within waterproofing of the house.

Our project manager may recommend additional work that he thinks can be upgraded during our work. Clients can agree or refuse.

Any additional scope of work that client wants to add afterwards becomes as extra. It could be demolition, backwater valve and more.


Rock Basements provides exact estimate only after visiting the jobsite or/and reviewing detailed drawings of the project.

Everything that we say on the phone is only average or approximate cost to assume possible budget.

Our website has a good basic reference of how to calculate basement waterproofing for your home with extra features.


No matter if this is a first job or tenths, we need to sign an agreement for detailed price and scope of work.

First of all clients need to know what they are paying for in case additional request comes in.

Secondly signed contract can be kept for warranty in case basement wall starts leaking in future.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to calculate basement waterproofing?

There are three main factors that you need to estimate basement waterproofing project without even calling anyone.

  1. Which type of waterproofing do you prefer? (exterior or interior)
  2. Measure linear feet of the foundation wall.
  3. Measure approximate depth of wall to the slab.

Average depth is 5 feet and if you have something close, multiply linear feet by $100 if interior and by $140 if exterior waterproofing is preferred.

Lifespans of interior and exterior basement waterproofing

Rock basements provides 25 years warranty on both interior and exterior waterproofing, but we think it can protect from leaks way more than that.

If done properly, interior waterproofing should be good at least for 30 years, while exterior work can serve and keep basement dry for 50 years.

Is it a good investment to waterproof basement?

No matter what you future plan with the house, it is always makes sense to waterproof it.

When planning to sell the property, waterproofed foundation basements are preferred way more by buyers and they will be interested in safer property.

In case you want to keep the place, rent the basement out or just finish it for recreational use – waterproof it to make sure none of the finishes get damaged by water leaks in nearest future.

Why companies give different estimates for waterproofing foundation wall?

Same project can be estimated by two local waterproofing companies and the cost may be different by thousands of dollars. Why is that?

Some companies may be overbooked and give only high estimates during this specific month, while others are trying to fill in this exact spot and have their crew continuously working if it means less profit.

Should I be worried about hidden or additional expenses during waterproofing?

It is our priority to make sure clients are well informed about all agreed scope of work and potential extras during waterproofing projects in Toronto area.

We may even suggest upgrades such as extra sump pump, backwater valve, window well and even to take demolition with disposal to get access to foundation wall.

You will never receive unexpected bill that was never discussed or mentioned beforehand. 

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Waterproofing and sump pump
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I called several companies for estimating fixing basement wall leak and getting rid of moisture. These guys gave me estimate right away during visit and recommended few things. They also helped us get city rebate. Recommend 5+
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ALBO Renovations
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Basement underpinning
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our home in highpark had very low basement with old foundation walls. Everyone who came to estimate said it was complicated and gave us high price. Rock basements seemed very confident and easy going. It looked like it was a regular project for them and they completed underpinning within 5 weeks.
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Rock Basements is my go to company when friends ask for referring good rear addition or basement lowering company. I have referred them 3 times and extremely satisfied with their work.
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Rock did our home waterproofing with installing sump pump and water valve. Amazing work and i still wonder how they managed to do it only in 4 days.
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Everyone told us that getting permits is a nightmare after covid, but rock basements assured us they could do it only within 2 month. We were so surprised! and actual work lasted 6 weeks after permits. if anyone has doubts in them, than sop - they are great
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our architect suggested lowering basement by 2.5 feet so we could later apply for basement separate unit. Rock basements did just that within only a month. it was easy to work with and they explained all the details as they were working on footings and walls