If you want to increase the useable living area in your house while also increasing its value, completing your basement is the best solution to do it.

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On average basement underpinning costs $75 - $80 per square foot with excavation and entire waterproofing process. - see breakdown

Let’s do the math: even if you spend $100 000 for underpinning and finishing, the rental income in Toronto covers expenses within 4 years and your house value difference doubles.

Rock Basements review and Licenses

Benefits of Finishing Basement with Us

In-House Architect

Unlike our competitiors, we provide inhouse architects to speed up the process of basement finishing and save money. Our architects will take care of conceptual design alternatives, engineering drawings, and materials/finish decisions. Begin your basement renovation process

Underpin and Finish

For greater convenience of the client, our company does both underpinning and all types of finishing work. Underpinning a basement is often regarded as the most cost-effective, time-efficient, and least destructive method of increasing the valuable square footage of an existing property.

Permits and Inspections

Rock Basements handles all building permits and inspections at every stage. Obtaining a permit is an important step in the basement finishing process. You will be protected from new code changes, and it will save the value of your property.

Variety of Materials

For the best result, our company uses various materials when finishing and repairing the basement. Rock Basements works with many suppliers and manufacturers in GTA that offer discounts to our clients.

Average Costs of
Basement Renovation

Type of Work Minimum Cost Maximum Cost

Drawings & Permits



$2/sq ft
$10/sq ft

Fully Finishing Basement

$40/sq ft
$70/sq ft

Adding Bathroom


Adding Kitchen


Average 800 sq ft Basement



Steps in Finishing Basement



Most of the time basemernt finishing requires city permit, unless it is renovation of previously finished space without structural changes.

Making a legal basement is a different story and requries additional documents on top of regular city permit.

These permits may be aquired together with underpinning of basement.


Rough ins

After framing is complete our team starts to rough in  communications for the basement as per drawings and buildign code.

It includes hvac ducts or other heating system, plumbing rough ins for bathrooms/kitchen/laundry and electrical.

All these work is inspected by city officials and documented for futher use.


Finishing Details

Next is finishing details that make the basement look as a living space.

We are talking about installing flooring, shower tiles, kitchen cabinets, trims and other materials in the basement living space.

Rock Basements has variety of options for each material with different prices.



First stage of all works is demolition. We have yet to see a basement that has absolutely nothing to be taken out before remodeling.

All walls, ceilings, partition walls and materials that are on the way of newly planned basement are taken out and disposed.

If any type of asbestos is present, special abaitment company has to romove it.



Just before closing up the walls we need to insulate at least exterior walls and in some cases interior and ceiling for soundproofing.

Every year building code is becomming tougher on builder and requirments for basement insulation increase.

Insulation in GTA typically invloves sprayfoam or batts.



Each regulated stage of basement renovation work requires inspection.

This includes structural work, plumbing, electrical wiring, hvac, insulation and final inspections when all work is completed.

Our team requests all necesaary city or ESA inspections and attends them.



When the space is clean and we have a clear vision of how basement is going to look, framing of the wall starts.

This includes exterior framing along the perimites, all partition walls and structural changes with beams or posts.

Ceilings may require resiling channels for fire separation as per building code.



Right after, whole basement is covered with drywall and taped on conenctions.

Several types of drywall material may be needed for installation. It could be regular sheets, waterproof for bathroom or sheetrock near firplace area.

Type X drywall is used for fireseparation and extra sound barrier.


Finish & Clean Up

There is always something that needs final touches after final inspection.

It can be re-attaching bathroom hardware or touch up of paint, or even replacing piece of damaged trim.

We want to make our clients happy with quality work and clean jobsite.

Additional Work We Provide

May not be included in quote

1. Heated Floors: It makes sense to install heated floor system during underpinning before new concrete is poured.

2. Basement Underpinning: Semi finished basements require demolition of walls and floor before excavation and concrete work begins.

3. Structural Beams/Posts: Although we can order material for you, architects and engineers need to spec each structural beam/post.

4. Basement Walkout: We do make basement walkouts, but it is priced separately by architectural drawings (permit required).

5. Window Cut outs: New basement can be designed with larger windows for legal rent purposes or yourself to enjoy more natural light.

Use of Basement After Renovation

Rental Unit

First thing that pops into mind when renovating a basement in Toronto is the ability to rent it out for profit. 

Return on investment is through the roof when putting money into existing space with simple renovation or upgrade.

Within several years spent money will be gained from rent and you can enjoy fully finished basement space.

Extra Bedrooms

While moving is very expensive and time consuming, adding living space in the basement can make more sense.

When you originally bought the house or got it as heritage, it could have been big enough for entire family.

With renovation company you can easily add bedrooms that can be used by family or visiting guests.


Home is not only place to sleep and eat at. COVID made the entire population work from home and try enjoying being inside.

Basement renovation can include variety of entertainment units such as Home Theater, bar space and pay area for kids.

Ask our project manager for different options and our abilities in providing preferred entertainment finishes.

Nanny/Guest Suite

With expension of family, extra rooms are necessary if your exisitng home is not big enough.

Busy with work parents are always tring to delivage time and hire a nanny for their baby. This may require extra bedroom.

Guest suites are also wanted in basements and have good resale value.

Kids Play Area

As laready mentioned before, one of the motivations for basement remodeling can be additional place for kids.

There are many interesting ideas that can be implemented in Toronto, which kids will absolutely adore.

Invite neighbours and friends of your kids to play together.

Office or Gym

During covid everyting is movind inside the place, from home office to fully quiped traning or gym area.

Everyone knows that travelling to and from gym is typically longer than actual training time.

Therefore there is a question that home owners ask themselves: why travel and spend money on memberships in gym.

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our architect suggested lowering basement by 2.5 feet so we could later apply for basement separate unit. Rock basements did just that within only a month. it was easy to work with and they explained all the details as they were working on footings and walls

When Should You
Renovate Basement?

Increasing Living Space

The whole meaning of underpinning basement in Toronto is to increase overall height and make the space livable.

We never see request from homeowners to lower basement when existing height is already more than 7 feet.

Adding extra square footage and living space on top of home or at the back is way more expensive that digging down with extension of foundation walls.

If you don’t desire to move but desperate for increasing living space in your home, than underpinning is the smartest way.

Rental Income

If you live in a house without using basement space and want to invest into rental property than you don’t have to look any further.

Lowering basement and converting it into legal rental unit is the best possible investment in Toronto.

Still don’t believe? Lets compare!

The cheapest property on the market that can bring around $2000 per month costs more than half a million.

With basement underpinning its achievable by spending a quarter or a fifth of that amount without committing to new mortgage.

Selling The House

There are only two ways to present your property to a market while selling with an agent.

First option is obviously to sell as is. Investors and remodeling companies typically lowball those for a chance to scoop it up and make money in the process.

The second way (Recommended) is to upgrade the property before selling, making it more attractive for buyers.

What could be better than fixing foundation issues and increasing the living space before selling it. Refinancing existing home for such project is a great way to reinvest before selling.

New Family Member

Typically couples buy home with idea to fit their current or non distant future plans.

Everyone gets a bedroom with own or shared bathroom for use from hallway area.

Years or decades down the road the family may expand or parents may be reunited into same residence. For that you will need extra space.

Excavating and enlarging living space in basement is the greatest way to make extra bedrooms and bathrooms for your family.

With underpinning of home we can even create a floor plan for future renovation with finishes.

After Underpinning

Toronto Area mainly consists of older homes with foundation that has seen better day. We are talking about 80 – 140 year old houses that have cracks and leaks all over basement walls.

If the plan is to keep the place for many years ahead and make it structurally safe, basement lowering and excavation with foundation reinforcement seems like a good project to invest it.

With underpinning all exterior walls are fixes and waterproofed to protect the house from falling apart and water leaks.

New Build Basement Finish

Has your office gave an opportunity to work from home? Or maybe its tome to start a small business that can be managed from home for a while?

We all can imagine how that can turn out if living are or kitchen is used for storing/reviewing documents.

The only way we suggest is creating dedicated work space area that separates you from distractions. If all rooms are already occupied, than underpinning and finishing basement could be beneficial.

Frequently Asked Questions

Technical Details
of The Project

Architectural Drawings:

Every structural work has to be done with architectural drawing and stamped by licensed engineer. It is simply illegal to do otherwise.

On these drawings our team can understand and follow all instructions of the job and complete it within required construction regulation.

It includes thickness of concrete, insulation requirements, specs for all beams or posts and many other details.

Our clients can obtain architectural drawings on their own before getting a quote for renovation project or we can do it for you.


Getting permit is a must in structural work. What it really means is city officials have looked at proposed drawings for work and approve all everything stated on them. It also must be within local regulations and bylaws.

Our team can help submitting all documents to the city and actually getting building permit within shortest time.

Technically we cannot start renovation basement before getting permit. Although while drawings are getting approved Rock Basements can do some nonstructural demolition and prep work for renovation.


After completion of work that falls under regulation, city inspector has to come and check all the work. During our work it needs to happen several times, but this assures clients that everything is done properly.

Inspections include rought ins, structural work with support beams, insulation and final stage of work. Inspectors often request additional letter of confirmation from engineer.

Our team is responsible for requesting city inspector on jobsite and being present at time of inspection.


Every project has to be completed within reasonable time and exactly as per drawings unless minor changes were requested by client or trades that are going to work after you.

Although permit should let us know how to do each step, it is not always accurate and our team is able to adjust on the go.

Carpenters can request additional plates on posts, plumbers show where exactly they would like drain pipe to exit from the floor for fixtures, cut out may be done slightly different for regular size window.

We will work together with all other trades and leave the project clean.

Working With
Rock Basements


Saying that our company is experienced in basement renovation with all additional attributes like waterproofing and walkouts is simply an understatement. But how can you measure experience?

Besides being in structural construction field for many years, Rock Basements has completed hundreds of underpinning and finishing projects that were hard and extremely hard to implement.

Our priority is to fully understand the project and complete it as safely as possible. This type of work is dangerous for workers and home foundation.


If you are starting from the very beginning and don’t have architectural drawings yet, we got you covered.

Rock Basements can start working on the plan right away and start preparing for renovation project. Getting plans and work done under one company saves time, money and eliminates ongoing issues.

We have no problem working with completed set of drawings as well. It is common for home owners to plan basement finishing for some time before reaching out to companies like us to complete it.

Stick to Price:

Each basement renovation contract has exact scope of work and price breakdown. It is our obligation to keep the cost as per contract.

The only way cost of contract can change is if scope of work changes. This may be due to client requesting additional services or unknown circumstances. 

A good example would be additional drain replacement outside of house or finding asbestos during demolition.

Licensed & Insured:

A good indicator of reputable company is them being licensed and insured. After all structural integrity of your house is at stake.

Rock Basements has all documents required by law in Greater Toronto Area to perform basement finishing and drain installation.

Completed on Time:

Every client wants the project to be finished on specified time. Even though our work depends on many city inspections that are often late, we do our best to finish within agreed schedule.

We completely understand that there will be construction or renovation work after we complete lowering process. They expect us to finish on time and our team is not going to disappoint.